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eHeatlh messaging

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eHeatlh messaging
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Operational in Current Region
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Sogn og Fjordane
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The Aim: establish electronic messaging as the norm for communication between local health services, general practitioners and specialist care. Electronic messaging improves and secures communication in the health care sector, bringing great benefits to all involved parts, as well as patients and relatives.

Model of innovation: each of the municipalities remains independent units, while the central project management is organised through a voluntary multi-stakeholder network. This way of organising an innovation process ensures that different stakeholders necessary to achieve the goals are involved and co-production is achieved. The many small units become united and achieve a strength that each of the units alone will be unable to reach. This united strength makes the network, instead of each municipality, responsible for establishing knowledge, guidelines, and structures for cooperation and support.

  • Managers, planners and IT in county and municipalities receive vital support through the network.
  • National authorities benefit from the region being able to work in an independent way and from knowledge developed in the region.
  • Relevant stakeholders in the region benefit from the openness of the collaborative network.
  • The regional health trust needs to relate to each of the 26 municipalities, and the network becomes a communication channel to reach all of them.
  • Local industry, in particular IT business, and educational institutions benefit from the open and inviting planning processes. 
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