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ACTION project: ICT-technology for supporting older rural family caregivers

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ACTION project: ICT-technology for supporting older rural family caregivers
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Web Services
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Main ObjectiveUsing ICT and e-health services as opportunities to find new ways of providing services to frail older people in rural areas, regardless of distances or presence of staff on site.

Participation: Totally 95 family caregivers, aged 65 or older, living in 15 different local municipalities in vast rural areas in the northern parts of Sweden participated in the project. 63 of the caregivers received ICT-based caregiver support from their local authorities for a period of 3 years.

The service includes:
  1. Web camera communication with peer caregivers, enabling face to face contact.
  2. Web camera communication with support nurses, enabling meeting face to face with professional support staff while remaining in the own home.
  3. Information and education programs focusing on areas encountered in daily caring, including comprehensive education programs about medical conditions, coping strategies, relaxation, and physical and cognitive training.
  4. E-mail address.
  5. Games, both for individual use on the computer and to play online with a partner.
  6. Access to the internet.