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Association of Local Authorities Vasternorrland County
The eSpinn-platform consists of a database, a responsive website, apps and eServices. The web portal is used to both display information from the database as well as serving as for entering information.

It enables local actors (companies, associations and citizens) to advertise upcoming events, tourist activities, locations etc. for a broader audience using a combination of location-based information (maps) and graphics and text.

Main Characteristics:
  • User-driven service development in a close collaboration between citizens, public authorities, municipalities, SMEs and R&D/I in parallel with expanding the internet infrastructure with high bandwidth successively to small villages in the countryside.
  • The generic eSpinn platform for e-services, apps, open data, etc with an easy-to-use user interface, making it a tool for the ordinary citizen and for spontaneous collaboration. It is adaptable to other Swedish or EU municipalities
  • Raised the level of service for citizens and SMEs, through rural Service points in collaboration with the URB-project with new functionality through the eSpinn platform.