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Mapping the Field & Placenames of County Donegal

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Project Logo
Best Practice:
Mapping the Field & Placenames of County Donegal
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Transferred to One Other Region
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Donegal County Council
The project is an attempt to curtail a loss of local knowledge, to capture local knowledge in a geographic database and share publically through web mapping. By working with local historical societies in County Donegal we have setup a web mapping application for local communities to "crowdsource” local field names etc into a database. Working together with identified local champions and holding information sessions in locally, we were able to build up active digitising communities.

Main Objectives

  • To record the local field and placenames in County Donegal
  • To create a database and archive of field & placenames
  • To engage with Local History groups as local champions
  • To enable the public to “crowdsource” their information and have a sense of ownership
Main Stakeholders
  • Local History groups: they get what they want in terms of access to detailed maps
  • DCC Heritage section: A rich archive of placenames recorded and archived before their demise and loss
  • DCC IS section: A lesson learnt in crowdsourcing and public engagement
  • The Public: access to local name database and access to archived mapping in a publically accessible website
  • The Diaspora: Access to a genealogical resource that has research benefit.