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Volt@ Smart School

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Volt@ Smart School
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Cybercrime & Trust
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Volta Smart School realized the project which is an implementation and development of the teaching experimentation of Cl@sse2.0 and it took place in 2009-2011. The experience  of educational innovation where digital literacy went along with the curriculum has highlighted an increase in students engagement in learning. Switching to a digital management of all aspects of school life from the teaching/learning process  to administration and communication with families and students (moodle - electronic register - parents meeting planning). The target population is the wide community of students, families, teachers and school employees that gravitate around the school itself, as they all belong to a strongly interconnected entity whose focus is the lifelong success and fulfillment of the children we enroll each year. Geographically we embrace the whole area belonging to Perugia municipality and province, as our students live also at a remarkable distance from the school and the city itself.

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