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Monitoring and Targeting System

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Best Practice:
Monitoring and Targeting System
Digital Agenda Category:
Research & Innovation
Operational in Current Region
Producing Project:
Implementing Region:
Derry & Strabane
Implementing Organisation:
Derry City Council
“You cannot save energy if you cannot measure it”. That simple motto prompted Derry City Council to install an IT system to monitor energy consumption in ten of its most energy-demanding buildings.

By collecting data on energy use, Derry City Council can identify energy waste, reduce energy consumption and make the make efficient use of existing plant and equipment. The system also makes it possible to set both environmental and economic targets, and to verify actual savings after project implementation.

The most important stages in the project:
- Anchoring among decision-makers.
- Procurement of a system that met all demands.

Benefits of the project:
- Reduced energy consumption in public buildings.
- Reduced energy costs.
- Verification of environmental investments, both environmentally and economically.
- Reduced carbon dioxide footprint.
- Set targets to reduce annual energy consumption by 3 percent by identifying opportunities for improvement.

Success factors:
- Support from decision makers.
- Technological competence for developing and managing the IT system.
- Competence in interpreting the system’s data and reports.
- Real environmental & financial savings
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