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Suupohja Broadband Model - FINLAND

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Best Practice:
Suupohja Broadband Model - FINLAND
Digital Agenda Category:
High Speed Broadband
Operational in Current Region
Producing Project:
Implementing Region:
South Ostrobothnia
Implementing Organisation:
Suupohjan Elinkeinotoimen Kuntayhtymä (SEK)
Suupohjan Seutuverkko was founded in 2005 as a result of an EU-funded program Last Mile, as well as the communities’ political decision to invest in its infrastructure. During 2005-2007, Last Mile covered 45% of the costs of building internet connections in the villages.

The fibre backbone was financed with a bank loan. Before this the region had many villages without any kind of broadband connection. The size of the villages are around 50 km2 and each has a population of between 50 and 500. These small villages didn't even get the lowest-speed connections.

The company was founded to enable the people as well as the companies in those villages to have the possibility to live and function in very rural areas. The FTTx-network is an example of a true Open Access network where the owning and providing services are totally separated from each other.

FTTx-network is also marketed as a testbed where different software and hardware manufacturers around the world preform user driven tests in a realFTTx-network before launching their products to the markets.
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