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Donegal Online Planning Services

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Donegal Online Planning Services
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Donegal Online Planning Services was designed as another channel to provide spatial planning information to the public, in a manner that replicated what is available “over-the-counter”.
The process involved replicating the 3 main elements of our internal planning systems to the web environment. The 3 elements are:1) Data search engine 2) Scanned documentation 3) GIS
The approach adopted was a modular one whereby development started with the database search. The scanned documents were added as a second module and webGIS as the final module. This simplified the process with each module enhancing the previous module.

Donegal Online Planning Service is an e-Government service which allows the citizens of Donegal to fully access up to date spatial planning information in a transparent and accessible manner. All information relating to a planning application is published online as another channel of accessibility, such as applicant details, all related scanned documentation (from site layout maps, application design to managers reports), and a geographic search using webGIS maps and orthophotography. The service has grown into a planning portal for County Donegal where all planning related information is available in the one location: Development plan maps, Planning process guidelines. Legislation links, FAQ’s and contact details.

DCC also developed a preplanning GIS application, where users can interrogate planning policies and control by digitising a specific site on interactive webGIS maps. This system uses the power of spatial analysis techniques to generate a geographically specific  report for the customer, with links/details to relevant planning policies, zones, surrounding application and locational information 

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