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Integrated promotion of the Biodiesel chain

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Best Practice:
Integrated promotion of the Biodiesel chain
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Research & Innovation
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Ávila City
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The number of people in the world is continuously increasing, as is the energy consumption per person. At the same time, our sources of fossil fuels are dwindling, and the use of fossil fuels contributes to the release of unacceptably high levels of emissions that are harmful to the environment. The conclusion is simple: we are facing a large problem that must be solved as soon as possible. In Avila, the decision has been made to contribute in creating the conditions needed for a successful transition from traditional diesel to biodiesel, in order to thereby develop a more sustainable transport using biofuels beside as a complementary measure among others.

The focus of the work has been on:
- Improved conditions for the production and use of biodiesel, by education and study visits to existing biodiesel plantations for interested farmers.
- Educational measures for all target groups, from production to distribution and use. Clear arguments and facts have been presented to each target group.
- Measures to facilitate and stimulate the use of locally produced biodiesel.

The most important stages in the project:
- Educating and creating engagement in the region around the opportunities offered by building up a market for alternative fuels, promoting agreements between fleets and distributors
- Encouraging the transport sector to switch to locally produced biodiesel.

Benefits of the project:
- The project has contributed to a reduction in the emission of CO2 by an increased use of biodiesel instead of diesel.
- The awareness campaign among citizens, thinking globally and acting locally, promoting a behaviour change related to transport industry, in the sense of using energy in a more rational way
- This kind of projects contributes to start up a new green local industry with SMEs around biofuels

Success factors:
- A clear plan of action, which includes the three aspects of production, distribution and consumption, with clear goal-oriented action plans for each part.
- An expert panel, which includes the main interested parties at different levels: institutions, farmers, distributors and consumers.
- An effective information campaign to raise the awareness of and educate each target group.

If you would like to know more, please contact:
Luisa Martin Vazquez (Director) or Roberto Rodriguez Pindado (Officer)
Telephone: +34 920 206 230
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