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The Food Coast – Donegal’s Good Food Initiative

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The Food Coast – Donegal’s Good Food Initiative
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The Food Coast initiative is based upon the foundation of the Donegal Food Strategy, launched in July 2012, with the aim of developing the food sector in the region. The aim was to establish a central platform to encourage a strong food culture and economy to sustain economic activity and jobs in the region.

The Food Coast network offers a vehicle to bring all the strands of the food sector in Donegal together to collaborate and develop opportunities to make Donegal famous for food. It is collective as opposed to elitist. The central objective is to realise the economic benefits for Donegal, in terms of sustaining the county and creating job opportunities. 

The good practice demonstrated, relates to the public sector response to a need in the region, driving the development of the strategy with the input of the sector, with a tangible plan which then required the support of the private sector. The ability to get the wider food sector, both public and private sector to work together has allowed Donegal to be buildstronger reputation and create commercial opportunities for its stakeholders. A stronger food culture is leading and building towards a stronger food economy in the county.