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Research Platform - Organic Sustainable Agriculture and food Safety

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Research Platform - Organic Sustainable Agriculture and food Safety
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West Romania
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The main objective of the interdisciplinary research platform is to consolidate organic agriculture as a sustainable development form and as a source of agricultural food with high biological quality.

The platform is used to carry out scientific research in two areas:
1. Vegetable production and biotechnology:
  • creating new varieties and hybrids for agricultural and horticultural species by classical methods of genetic engineering
  • sustainable technologies in agriculture and horticulture - use of genetic engineering techniques on plant and inducing the genetic variability
  • improving the integrated plant protection system
  • improving the organic agricultural system under Romania’s conditions
  • sustainable use of soil and water resources
  • improvement, preservation and re-establishment of soils fertility
  • pollution prevention and control in agriculture
  • evaluation of ecological impact and ecological restoring
2. Veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and foodstuff processing in agriculture:
  • organic farm bio security
  • animal diseases prevention and control
  • food safety
  • improvement of animal husbandry technologies
  • nutritional value study of organic food
  • welfare of farm animals
The platform is functioning with three laboratories: laboratory for microbiological research, laboratory for physical and chemical research and laboratory for the detection of genetically modified organisms.
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