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Electric vehicles

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Electric vehicles
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Digital Skills
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Office of Regional Government of Carinthia
During 2008 and 2009, the number of charging stations for electric vehicles in Carinthia increased from zero to 200. The plan for 2010 was to ensure that there were more than 1 000 charging stations in the region. To further stimulate interest in electric vehicles, a number of test vehicles were provided and an incentive programme was introduced for companies and persons who choose an electric vehicle. The project became an immediate success. Already by 2009, one in seven of the new mopeds (scooters) registered was electric. That the charging stations obtain their electricity via solar cells increases the environmental gains and reduces the dependence of the region on fossil fuels, which is fully in line with the set targets.

The target group for the project is principally public organisations, but also the region’s companies, its tourism business and private persons. The project is a part of “Lebensland Kärnten”, which is a trademark for quality of life and increased awareness of the environment and health in the post-industrial society of Carinthia.

The most important stages in the project:
- Establishing a functioning infrastructure with a sufficient number of charging stations and a number of test vehicles with which to persuade the target group.
- Producing clear and believable material for the transfer of knowledge.
- Marketing the project with the help of road shows, workshops, seminars, trade fairs, test paths and test vehicles.
- Creating strategies for cooperation between public and private actors.
- Arranging free advice for all interested parties.

Benefits of the project:
- Increased opportunities for establishing new, “green” companies, and thereby new opportunities for employment in the region.
- Increased awareness of the opportunities and advantages of sustainable electric transport.
- Reduced use of fossil fuels and reduced emissions of CO2.
- Improved living conditions.
- Strengthened argument for the tourism business about its health effects.
- Strengthened trademark as a model sustainable society that is at the cutting edge of development.

Success factors:
- Strong political support and an explicit goal of making Carinthia independent of fossil fuels for producing electricity, heating and power.
- Functioning networks for cooperation and the exchange of experiences.
- Economic resources.
- Knowledgeable and strongly motivated employees.
- Thorough user testing of the technology and of the infrastructure.
- Free advice and support for all interested parties.

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Dr. Albert Kreiner
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