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Research Institute for Renewable Energies (RIRE)

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Best Practice:
Research Institute for Renewable Energies (RIRE)
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Research & Innovation
Operational in Current Region
Producing Project:
Implementing Region:
West Romania
Implementing Organisation:
West Regional Development Agency Romania
The “Politehnica” University in Timisoara has created a research centre, the Research Institute for Renewable Energy (RIRE) in order to exploit and develop the research potential that exists in Western Romania in the field of renewable energy. With an adequate location, equipment and training, the Institute will ensure the increase of competitiveness and international visibility of regional research results within the field of renewable energy, such as biogas, wind power and solar energy.

The most important stages in the project:
- Building up the Institute’s headquarters and purchase of devices and research equipment needed for carrying out modern research in renewable energy
- Creation of a team of highly skilled researchers from several research areas
- Developing an integrated research and training platform for Romanian and foreign researchers

Benefits of the project:
- By developing new methods for using renewable energy, the consumption of raw materials can be reduced.
- Contributing to the applied scientific research that has been conducted in the field of renewable energy.
- Making use of the expertise of the researchers and attracting more researchers to the region.
- Direct investments in renewable energy by companies that make use of the research results of RIRE.

Success factors:
- Support from public authorities.
- Regular media coverage keeping regional stakeholders up to date with the project’s implementation
- The resources needed in order to ensure sustainability
- Continuously improving the knowledge and expertise of the researchers.

If you would like to know more, please contact:
Mocan Marian.
Telephone: +40 256 404 284

Daniela Vladut
Telephone +40 256 491 981
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