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North Karelia Climate and Energy Programme 2020

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North Karelia Climate and Energy Programme 2020
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Customer Relationship Mgt (CRM)
Operational in Current Region
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North Karelia
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Regional Council of North Karelia
The first bio-energy programme in North Karelia was adopted as early as 1992. During the years since, the project has been successful both in making its work in the region visible and in introducing multifaceted collaboration in several areas. The investment for 2020 began during 2010 with nearly 50 experts who together are to find and test new methods and tools for further increasing the participation of the different actors in the region and to stimulate the continued development of the bio-energy cluster.

The aim is to produce regional adaptations of the targets of the EU and of the country’s own climate and energy programmes. With the help of a clear and concrete programme that includes follow up and guidelines for implementation, a good foundation has been created for different actors at the regional level. The vision, aim and activities of the programme also show clearly the strong will that exists in the region to develop into a region of the future.

The most important stages in the project
To date, the project has been particularly successful at involving the already active forestry and energy sectors. The challenge is now to find new ways to reach the other key sectors; that is, the transport, agricultural and construction sectors.

Benefits of the project
- The region has a clear instrument for achieving future development with the help of current knowledge and competence. In addition, companies and organisations in many areas can benefit from participating in this development programme.
- The region is today estimated to turn over 120 M € per year just with renewable fuel.

Success factors
- Functioning regional collaborations, in which the municipalities take an operative responsibility in uniting efforts.
- Good basic knowledge of energy production and energy use, the greenhouse effect and emissions.
- A clear programme for implementation, including control and follow up.
- Good project leadership and organisation (including communication, partnership, etc.)
- High level of expert knowledge
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